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The Integrated Supply Management Program

Western Michigan’s Supply Management Program is an interdisciplinary program between the departments of Management and Marketing in the Haworth College of Business and College of Engineering and Applied Science. The mission of this program is to influence the evolution of supply management theory and practice through scholarly teaching, discovery, integration and application.

A strong partnership between the Faculty, Industry and Students has been an integral part of this program since its founding in 1992.

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The Integrated Supply Management (ISM) program at Western Michigan University is a unique, cross functional undergraduate program in supply chain management that combines engineering, information technology and business curriculum. With 43 credit hours in the major, it is one of the most in-depth supply management programs in the country. The program and curriculum are continuously evaluated and improved via industry input gathered at semi-annual meetings of the programs executive council. Increased demand for the ISM major has resulted in the development of an application process that will begin in Fall 2011. This application process will manage program enrollment and increase the quality of the program’s graduates. In addition to the regular coursework, the ISM program regularly offers 1-credit topical courses developed in conjunction with corporate partners.

The program produced its first graduates in 1993, and the current enrollment is 245 students. The program has a strong focus in applied learning, and over 75% of the program’s graduates have had at least one internship experience.

The ISM program has been working to provide more international experiences for its students. The program leads the Haworth College of Business in study-abroad participation. In recent years, faculty members from the program have led students on study trips to Australia, Germany, France, the UK, Japan and Thailand. Increased advising emphasis is being placed on semester-abroad study programs, with ISM students studying at Universität Paderborn in Germany, Swinburne University in Australia, Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands, Universidad de Cantabria in Spain and the Beijing Culture and Language Institute.

Information technology is integrated into the curriculum through participation with the SAP University Alliance. Through the SAP University Alliance program, students have access to the full suite of SAP software products, and learn how information technology can be used to support supply management processes.

In addition to using SAP in the curriculum, many students opt to include business reporting and business analytics courses in their program. These courses were especially developed to give students the tools to analyze large sets of data and provide meaningful results.

For more information on the ISM program, contact:

Bret J. Wagner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director
Integrated Supply Management
E-mail: bret.wagner@wmich.edu
Phone: 269 387-5222

Program Web Site: http://www.wmich.edu/supplychain
Recruiting Information: www.wmich.edu/business/thecareercenter