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Supply Chain Management is one of the strategic MBA concentrations at Rutgers Business School.  The curriculum was designed by faculty with input from industry experts to ensure that it is both comprehensive and current.  All students take “Operations Analysis” as part of the core MBA curriculum.  In addition to the required 3-credit course, “Supply Chain Strategies,” students electing to concentrate in supply chain management take an additional 12 credits of elective courses in two primary areas of focus: Procurement and Sourcing Management, and Supply Chain Technologies.

In Fall 2008, Rutgers Business School instituted a new undergraduate concentration in supply chain management.  Core classes focus on Logistics Management, Sourcing and Procurement Management, Supply Chain Strategies, and Supply Chain Solutions, with a variety of electives offered.

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Rutgers Business School’s concentration in supply chain management and marketing sciences (SCMMS) takes a cross-functional approach, giving students the tools they need to manage all aspects of the end-to-end supply chain. Students take required courses in Supply Chain Management, Global Sourcing and Procurement, and Logistics along with innovative elective course offerings such as Negotiations, Project Management, New Product Planning, International Marketing, ERP / SAP, Lean / Six Sigma, Supply Risk Management and SC Environmental Management. Students also participate in a full semester, team-based client projects identified by our corporate sponsors. Our curriculum is highly competitive and regularly benchmarked against top business schools in the nation, ranking 11th in a recent AMR Research study.

Recognized as a strategic multi-disciplinary core unit within the Rutgers Business School, we are proud to have developed, in 2000, New Jersey’s first MBA concentration for Supply Chain Management. In the fall of 2009, we initiated a fully accredited undergraduate SCMMS offering. Most students at both levels graduate with dual majors, e.g., SCM and Finance or SCM and Marketing. Corporations have recognized the strength of our students through internships and co-op positions provided to 100% of eligible students.

Joseph Campbell, RU 2010 and ISM Indirect/Services Group Scholarship winner comments on his current six-month co-op experience with Johnson & Johnson, “By interacting with our key suppliers to discuss possible changes to the way we order, I was able to use tools learned in my sourcing and procurement class…we will become more lean and efficient…this will lead to freeing up capital that can be used elsewhere in our business.”

The Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management was established in 2000 and is supported by a prominent industry Advisory Board of corporate officers and senior executives from more than 20 major New Jersey area corporations. Rutgers partners extensively with these corporations to develop leading-edge strategies and practical solutions to problems encountered in the management of the end-to-end supply chain.

With a distinguished faculty, including world-class scholars, and a talented core of Ph.D., MBA, and Undergraduate students, the Center offers extensive research and consulting experience in procurement, logistics management, in-bound/out-bound transportation network design, modeling and optimization, partnership and negotiation, information technology and e-commerce, and end-to-end supply chain management strategies.

The program is led by Dr. Lei Lei, who is a distinguished professor, department chair for the Supply Chain Management and Marketing Sciences Department and Director of the Center for Supply Chain Management.

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