The ISM Indirect/Services Group is dedicated to procurement professionals who work for service based organizations or are responsible for sourcing and contracting for services within their organization.Organized by procurement professionals during the ISM International Conference in 2000, the Services Group was formed to champion best practices and networking opportunities associated with supply management practitioners, who source services (such as temporary labor, consultants, building services, telecom and technology needs, etc.) or who work in one of the many services-related industries.  The importance of this group is evidenced by the fact that services is the fastest growing sector of not only the U.S. economy, but that of the world economy as well.The Indirect/Services Group works with its nearly 2,000 members to develop a dynamic annual Services Conference that features some of the industry’s leading speakers presenting a wide array of current topics in the services field.  The Indirect/Services Group also sponsors a select group of speakers at the International Conference each year and conducts chat sessions on relevant topics throughout the year.

The ISM Indirect/Services Group partnered with CAPS Research to create a survey that measures various organizations’ purchasing and supply management activities and characteristics, while focusing on services.

The primary purpose of this study was to capture specific information on participating organization’s purchasing/sourcing/ supply management practices and compare that information with data collected from other companies. The results provide a baseline that will assist companies to compare performance against other organizations and identify areas where internal improvements can be made.

CAPS Research is a global research organization jointly sponsored by the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and the Institute for Supply Management (ISM).  CAPS Research conducts leading-edge research on purchasing, sourcing, and supply chain management.

CAPS Services Study 2008-Results

The Indirect/Services Group is proud to be the first recipient of the ISM Groups and Forums Excellence Award, which was presented at the 2005 ISM International Supply Management Conference in San Antonio.  Through innovation and a dedication to educating, the ISM Indirect/Services Group continues to win awards for achieving the level of Groups and Forums Excellence.

We welcome you not to just be a new member, but to be an active member in helping us pursue opportunities to enhance the field of services procurement.
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ISM Services Group


To be the center of excellence for service procurement as an opportunity to increase company value.


To lead services procurement in alignment with ISM.

Strategic Imperatives

  1. The ISM Indirect/Services Group is the thought leader that attracts and engages services supply management professionals and others impacted by the profession.
  2. The ISM Indirect/Services Group is an essential component of individual services supply management professionals in excelling and advancing in their careers.
  3. Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) is recognized as THE essential qualification required to succeed as a supply management professional.